About Pigbags

It's no mistake that Pigbags welcomes each new client as a good friend. Pigbags started when a good friend and successful sailor, Betsy Crowfoot asked Amanda Russell, then sailmaker for America 3 America's Cup Challenge 1995, to design a stylish and strong bag made from sailcloth to go sailing. Once a few bags were made, demand increased for The Pig. However Russell still needed to race across the Southern Ocean to join the Elle Racing Whitbread Team in 1997.

When the team disbanded before the start in Fremantle Australia, Russell returned to her sail making expertise with a fresh new perspective on the needs of the professional racer, the boats they raced on, the corporate guests which provided the revenue for the team to exist, and the syndicate management. Russell invented PigOut Cushions to encourage people to hike whilst racing upwind alongwith her lightweight yet comfortable pipecots.